YABP: MainStream

October 10, 2008

Yet another band project is starting. The MainStream (no idea where the name came from) is a band from some guys from my work. They recorded a demo with 2 musics, although it is not finishd I really enjoyed it. In my humble opinion, they are trying to make the type of music that is pop without forgetting the roots of metal and rock. I wish a lot of lucky on this project!

If you wanna listen the recorded music, just go to the Andre’s Blog and download them.


XBMC, the solution for a media center

October 5, 2008


Last week Murillo told me about the XBMC project and since my media center was lacking of a good software to browse my collection I decided to install it. My set up is composed by a Mac Mini running Mac OS X. Front Row is terrible, it does not support a lot of formats and some media codecs are very slow.

My first impression on XBMC was very good. The interface is totally eye-candy with support for skins and other customizations. The support for file formats and codecs are so extensive that if I had to describe it here I would spend a lot of time ;). But, for my purpose it only have to play mkv (matroska) in 720p smoothly, which it did flawless.

Also, the support for plugins and scripts enables the XBMC to play YouTube videos, download lyrics and subtitles, and much more. And the best thing is that the plugins are written in python!

Of course the XMBC has some issues since it is on a beta version. I witnessed some freezes on playback and on some scripts. Also, the navigation using mouse is not fully operational (at least on the skins available). Some subtitles don’t work very well and are not displayed.

Check out the project at http://xbmc.org/ .