YABP: MainStream

October 10, 2008

Yet another band project is starting. The MainStream (no idea where the name came from) is a band from some guys from my work. They recorded a demo with 2 musics, although it is not finishd I really enjoyed it. In my humble opinion, they are trying to make the type of music that is pop without forgetting the roots of metal and rock. I wish a lot of lucky on this project!

If you wanna listen the recorded music, just go to the Andre’s Blog and download them.


e1000e banned on 2.6.27-4

September 24, 2008

As a desperated measure, the maintainers of Ubuntu Kernel decided to put the e1000e driver on the blacklist. It is a temporary measure to avoid more problems, but also disabled ethernet on a huge number o machines (including mine đŸ™‚ ).

I hope this issue will be solved as soon as possible.